RS232C vs. Ethernet Communication


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Chayan Mukherjee

Dear Friends,

Can anybody clarify for me, what is the difference between RS232C communication and normal ethernet communication? How far is ethernet reliable in respect of RS232C communication?

In this web page you can read on your pace a lot of technical information regarding each type of communications ways that you are asking for, this communications types are not comparable
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frank fortino

RS232 is a hardware spec (+/- 9 volts) on 3 lines transmit, rcv and a ground reference.
RS232 can only go a few hundred feet depending on the speed (baud rate) 9600 baud can go 100 feet.

RS232 has some other versions (RS485/RS422), these are 0 volts to 5 volt signals, and can go up to 4000 feet at the same baud rates.
You can buy RS232 to 485 converters from B&B electronics for about $50

Also RS232 can only support 2 devices on the cable (a transmitter and a receiver)
RS485 can support multidrop with 32 devices on 1 cable.

Ethernet can go hundreds of feet, and has smart devices on each end, with data sent in packets and with error correction and retrys. Ethernet also can support hundreds of devices on 1 cable.

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