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Governer has a RS422 port. It has to be hooked up to a RS485 module. In the market are there RS422 to RS485 direct conversion converter available? If so please furnish me the address, phone no. and fax no.
If the RS485 module is a "4-wire" full-duplex interface and you are not multi-dropping these devices, then you will NOT require a converter as EIA/RS-485 is compatible to EIA/RS-422 in all normal applications.

If the RS485 module is a "2-wire" half-duplex interface, then you MAY require a converter to cancel the echo the "Governer" will hear as it
transmits - however it may do this internally so I'd try it first.

For sure if both devices follow the EIA spec, they won't be damaged by "trying" it. Also be aware that the use of labels like A/B or +/- are
not so consistent between vendors due to the way these were defined in the standard as logical and not electrical names. So if + to + doesn't work, try + to - and so forth. Again, this won't hurt the interface due to the self-protection requirements built into the EIA specs.

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James Ingraham

Oddly enough, I can't find such a thing. There are plenty of 422 to 232 and plenty of 485 to 232, but I can't find a 422 to 485. You could always use two converets I guess; go from 422 down to 232 and then back up to 485.

Anybody else have any ideas?

-James Ingraham
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