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I need to be able to display some parameters in a number of rooms in a building automation application. The parameters are RH and Temperature. The sensors are already connected to the I/O cards of a Building Management System (BMS). I want to repeat this information to multidropped displays in each room. Does anyone know who manufactures such displays? Thanks in advance. Sumeet

Larry Lawver

Sumeet--- I'm guessing from your post that you want to broadcast a simple ASCII string on RS485 to multidropped remote displays. You should find products that do that from most display vendors. (Look at the line cards from the last five automation sales reps that have darkened your door!) If you need a high degree of programmability on a moderately large display, consider the Allen-Bradley DataLiner DL40PLUS. If you want an extremely large display (2" or 5" characters), consider the Dataliner DL50. Find those at or at your local A-B distributor. Hope this helps! Larry Lawver Rexel / Central Florida
Have you looked at the displays and connectivity products from Adaptive Micro systems? ( Your application sounds easily done, with the best route probably involving Adaptive's Alpha Discreet Input Device. There may be some other ways to approach it as well. I commonly get requests to interface LED displays to a wide range of systems and components, and I haven't seen any applications yet where my engineers couldn't find a workable solution to talk to displays. Let me know if you'd like to discuss the application further.
I used to work for a company over here in the UK that specialised in electronic display systems. We used to buy in the equipment from an Irish company called DATA DISPLAY (address below). They can offer RS485 converters (they usually use 232 as a comms medium) and display characters range from 1" to about 12" these are the LED type. if you need an independant view about any other display systems please give me a shout mike Data Display Company Ltd. Deerpark Industrial Estate Ennistymon County Clare Ireland Tel: +353 65 707 2600 Fax: +353 65 707 1311 E-mail: [email protected] URL: Local US office Data Display USA Tel: +1 631 218 2130 E-mail: [email protected]