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gerald beaudoin

Anybody out there with experience with this package....We're looking at it and would appreciate any "war stories". Seems like the kind of thing that could pay for itself rather quickly????

Gerald Beaudoin

We have not implemented the Plantmetrics product, but have gone through training with it. We have applied the Historian product in the RSBizware family with success. They both exist in the RSBizware Enterprise, so some of the configuration is similar and familiar. I had an opportunity to play with the Beta version of the product and have worked with the latest realease as recently as last week, to find that there have been many good improvements which make initial configuration more straightforward. You may wish to use an outside source to get you started and probably configure the entire system. You will want someone in-house to be familiar with the system as well. There are parameters that will change on a regular basis such as scheduled downtime, shutdowns, holidays, product runtimes etc.

I have done an OEE calculation in RSView for a customer - Plantmetrics is the way to go.

Investigate as to whether or not you will need the full version of RSSQL rather than the 'lite' version it comes with. Don't be fooled, the CD comes with everthing - but, you can only activate what you paid for.

I currently work for a company that integrates packages such as these, but I have also been an engineer in a production environment. This is the software package I was looking for, as a manufacturing engineer, for five years. I started to implement this idea by networking (ethernet)GE 90-30 plc's which were going to give me all the data I needed in Cimplicity (which was a brand label of Wonderware at the time). I didn't know what OEE was, but that was where we were headed.
I have no experience for historian and plantmetrics. does any one have experience for those report format?
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