RSLinx and EDI KTDTL driver and OPC Client


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Ruth Branscombe

Have a Factory Link 6.6 system that is communicating to an AB PLC-5 using KTDTL via KT card & RSLinx. I am adding an L-61 CLX to the mix. It will be communicating to the host via C-net through an ethernet bridge to RSLinx as an OPC topic. An OPC client licence upgrade for FL 6.6 has been made. Can someone tell me whether RSLinx can support both the EDI KTDTL driver & the OPC Client at the same time? Are there risks or gotchas that can be mitigated? Thanks.
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Bob Peterson

Some versions of RSLinx have an OPC server built in, others do not. Call your AB distributor and ask if you do not know if your version has an OPC server. One version supports only one PLC, others support more than one PLC. Some do not support remote OPC, others do.