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Hi, this is my first post so be gentle.

I have recently been given the task of adding some functionality to an existing AB SLC that uses FlexIO with DeviceNet. I am trying to upload the current network configuration by configuring a DeviceNet driver in RSLinx, but am always greeted with "KFD32 Error: Operation timed out".

I checked the AB knowledgebase site, which points out possible problems:

1. DeviceNet network not working properly
2. KFD is not connected on the network
3. Incorrect Baud rate or MAC ID
4. COM Port conflict

I am sure the problem is not no. 1 because the system is in operation, and from all reports is operating correctly. No. 2 seems unlikley because I can see the PLC over the same connection when I configure the DH485 driver. No.4 also seems unlikley because I deleted all the other drivers to avoid this problem. No. 3, to me, is the only possible cause, however as I am unsure of the network baudrate, I tried all of the available, each with the same error message...



Trevor Ousey

Hi Ben,

Are you using a KFD box? These units have a serial in one side and DeviceNet on the other side, so I am not sure how you are checking the connection with the DH485 driver. If indeed you do have a 1770-KFD what are the LEDs doing? If nothing is happening check that the power switch on the side of the KFD is on. You should see the serial one flash when you setup the KFD driver, if this isn't happening check to see if you are using the correct serial cable. When setting up the drivers for a KFD (or the PCD) the DeviceNet cable needs to be plugged in to a powered up DeviceNet network.

I can make this fault happen when there is no KFD plugged in.

Are you tying to do a pass through connection via the processor? If so you need to use the 1747-SDNPT driver, but the M files need to be larger than to 361 words for version 4.015 - 5.001, or 395 for firmware 6.001 1747-SDN modules. Note that this is not an ideal DeviceNet programming method but it is useable to some extent.