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Hi All,
I have one control Logix PLC with1756-ENBT and 1756-DHRIO card installed. In RSLinx, from Ethernet I can browse through DHRIO and to other PLCs connected to DH+ network. But in RSView Studio, I cannot browse out through DHRIO. No PLC is shown and message is not browsing. I want to get some tags from PLCs connected to DH+ network. I am using RSView Studio 5.10.00 and RSLinx 2.54.00

I have one more question. How to communicate with SLC 5/03 over Ethernet. What hardware I need to connect between SLC 5/03 and Ethernet Switch?


Eddie Willers

RSLinx Enterprise is limited to only local DH+ communications; you can install a 2711P-RN6 module and connect to nodes on the local DH+ network, but you can't browse across a 1756 backplane and out through a DH+ port on a 1756-DHRIO.

SLC-5/03 controllers can be connected to EtherNet/IP networks using 1761-NET-ENI modules connected to their Channel 0 RS-232 serial port. This serial interface is fairly limited in capacity and speed; it's not the same as an SLC-5/05 controller.

Gerald Beaudoin

Yes be well aware of that limitation. You are limited to the amount of data that you can access through the NET-ENI. Apparently the buffers in that module will not let you access data tables of more than 50 or 60 words. I found this out the hard way. If your data tables are < 50 words in length, it the speed of the RS232 port (;-^) Bigger than that, and you cannot even see them on the network scan.

Gerald Beaudoin