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John Kelley

Hi all,

I've got a RSLinx Gateway server enabled on a system running WIN 98SE (and another running NT 4.0). Linx does not recognize either server on the company intranet and says the following in driver diagnostics:

Address :
Device Type : Unrecognized Device
Online Name : RSLinx Server
Status : Self-Test

Commands Sent and Recieved keep increasing.
Connections Open : 1
Total Connections Initiated : 1
Server Connections Open : 0
Total Connections Accepted : 0
Packets Sent / Received : Keep increasing

What the heck am I doing wrong? The WIN98SE server is connected to DH+ via a KF-2 and DH-485 via serial and all the devices on both nets appear on the server's RSWho.

Any help would be appreciated from you AB guru's out there.

John Kelley
How are you assigning IP addresses to this machine. It appears that your machine has the "default" Microsoft address assigned to it and is therefore not on the same subnet as your plant network and therefor cannot talk.

Talk to your IT people and get proper IP addresses assigned to your PC's for your subnet.

This is a PC issue and not a RSLinx issue.


Michel Levesque

First, can you ping the Win98 machine from the client machine and vice-versa. If not, you have PC related IP addresse/mask problems, solve these before going further.

Second, if the ping is succesfull, are you using the "Remote Devices via Linx Gateway" driver and not the "Ethernet devices" driver. Make sure the "Enable RSLinx Gateway" is on from the "Configure Gateway" menu.

If this checks out, are you blocking out IP addresses on the RSLinx server (second tab of the "Configure Gateway" menu).

By the way, is your RSLinx showing RSLinx Gateway on the title bar? If not, your license is not getting detected.

If all of the above checks out, call RSI tech support because the problem is not easily solved by posts to a forum.