RSLinx Gateway, Unrecognized Device


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I've got RSLinx OEM connected to both a DF1 connection to a PLC5, as well as to a local 100BTX ethernet connection.

I enabled RSLinx Gateway on this machine.

My Question, is it possible to browse to the PLC5 from across the ethernet network? I would think so, but all I get on the browse list on another PC is Unrecognized Device, and the IP address. According to the diagnostics, the connection is good, I just don't see the other (DF1) connection on the remote machine.

Am I doing something incorrectly?

Trevor Ousey

If you are using OEM, the gateway link is limited to connecting to
another RSLinx, Gateway version though not OEM. If you wish to
provide a gateway to ethernet via RSLinx you will need to upgrade
to Gateway. Alternatively, you could us OPC, but you will most
likely need to go to RSLinx Pro.

Some of the release notes for version 2.30 show more usability with OEM
than before, but I have problems with 2.30, so I am staying with version
2.20 with service pack 2. It works fine.

Trevor Ousey

Michael R. Batchelor

I don't think the gateway works with the OEM license. Of course, I
might be wrong. I don't have one here to try.