RSLinx issue in VMWare WIn 7 32 bit VM


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I'm currently running a VMWare VM with Win 7 32 bit on a host running Win 7 64 bit.

I have RSLinx Classic Gateway v 3.70.00 and RSLogix 500 v 9.00.00. I also have RSLogix 5 and 5000 installed.

I'm connected to a SLC 5/04 via a Keyspan USB to serial device to a USB 2.0 port. I can configure the driver successfully and upload or download my project. During these times the RS232 light is blinking on the SLC 5/04.

When I try to go online, RSLogix freezes with no communications to the processor. I then need to restart RSLinx in order to upload or download again.

Any clue as to why I can't go online?
I just got the 2 port version and it works like a champ. Upload, download and online. Thanks!

> Years ago I had trouble with VMWare and a Keyspan USB to serial device. I switched over to a Gearmo 4-port device
> (mentioned as #4 here: and that works well for me.