Rslinx issues with channels using scada (honeywell)


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Using Rlinx 2.5 we were testing connectivity from the PLC's to experion using scada. There are three channels configured for each plc on the same experion server. When we disconnect completely one plc, its channel fails (RSlinx can not communicate with the plc) and the channel in experion fails. However after a few minutes the other 2 channels fail as well. The rslinx logs show that they lose communication too although they are connected.

PLC are logix5000 processor types. So basically when on plc fails (power shutdown or network loss) the other channels fails as well. This is not making sense and would appreciate any input or feedback to this issue.

More information: when the primary network is disconnected, rslinx fails over to the other network as the alias configurations are setup in rslinx (ver 2.5) and vice versa but when both network cables are disconnected its channel fails as well as the other.

the rslogix ver is 17

Any input would be greatly appreciated
To Elaborate we are running rslinx 2.51 on server 2003 32 bit machine. We testing removing bandwidth restriction on the switches and we still have the same issue. Why would it run normalling when the networks are fine and even when the primary or secondary network fail? Also why would other channels and comms fail to connected networks when one network fails (primary & secondary) on a plc? Why is one plc failure affecting the comms of the other plcs on the network.

It seems to be an OPC issue with rslinx. I was wondering if matrikon opc server for alen bradley would solve this issue. I am not sure when the comms are lost if port 44818 is busy with connection attempts from the PLC that lost its comms thus not allowing the other channels to communicate with the other plcs.