RSLinx, RSNetWorx and DeviceNet


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Tim J

I am using a Dell Inspiron 8000 with Windows 2000 Pro. I have a 1784PCD and a 1784PCMK cards installed. I am using RSNetWorx for DeviceNet ver 3.00.00 The program uses the 1784PCD card to communicate to a DeviceNet network. It does not use the 1784PCMK card at all, which is used by the SLC software. Both programs use RSLinx.
I tried to un-register a EDS file in the RSNetWorx program. Before the process was complete a fault was generated and RSNetWorx closed. I could not get RSNetWorx to reconnect to the DeviceNet after that. I tried many things to get it to work again and the only thing I found that would work is this:
I had to delete the PCMK driver from RSLinx and remove the card. Then, I re-inserted the PCMK card and re-installed the driver. After that, RSNetWorx would connect to a DeviceNet network.???