RSLinx to Wonderware issues?


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Dan Miller

Are there any issues using RSLinx to communicate to Wonderware with DDE? I need to run Wonderware and Logix 5 on the same PC. The network is DH+ and there is a KTX card in the PC. The Wonderware KTX driver and RSLinx are incompatible. And DDE should work regardless. Does anyone know of any issues that might keep this from working?


May be you need use only one of this the KTX driver, if you use the two drivers at the same time in the same PC, you have a conflict with the settings of the card, because the RSLinx have an automatic rellocate settings. I had the same problem with KT card.

Anthony de la Rosa

If you are using OEM RSLinx thn why not just use RSLinx instead of the Wonderware KTX driver? I would be a bit wary trying to run both Logix and Intouch out of the same machine though considering you're on a DH+ network. You may just find Logix dropping out from time to time specially if you leave it on all the time. anthony

Sam Robinson

I'm was using Wonderware's Intouch 7.0 on a WinNT PC along with RSLinxLITE. It had a 1784-KTX card in it configured for DH+. It's using Wonderware's KTX driver and the system works very well. The DH+ went through a 1785-KA5P module and was bridged to DH-485 and then hooked to several SLC 5/03's. I had some problems with the KA5P module so I reconfigured the KTX card for DH-485, eliminated the KA5P module and loaded RSLinx Professional on the PC. My Intouch application now uses its KTX driver and the KTX card configured for DH-485 to communicate to the 5/03's. Sam Robinson [email protected] Industry Products Co. 500 Statler Rd. Piqua, Oh 45356 937-778-0585

Trevor Ousey

You will need to have RSLinx Pro, and it works fine for DDE/OPC direct, or if you have RSLinx OEM us Wonderware's IO Server WWRSLinx with RSLinx OEM. I have no problems with either with RSLogix, and with one system I had both RSlogix 5 and 500 with Intouch going at the same time. Note that RSLinx Lite, which is what RSLogix comes with, will not work with Intouch. Cheers, Trevor Ousey [email protected]