rslogic or the lasest slc500 software


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Luke Smith

I need to get my hand on the latest software packages for the rslogic and the slc500 programing program. If anyone would be able to tell me where i can get this as a full version or shareware version please let me know.
My email is: [email protected]
Thanks people

Steve Myres, PE

The latest version of RSLogix 500 (for the SLC) is, I believe 5.00. It is available through your Allen-Bradley distributor for around $1,100, and you'll occasionally find a legit copy on Ebay. There is no shareware version.

If you already own (legally) previous versions, you can usually download
upgrades/updates from the Rockwell Software website
( You'll need to know the serial numbers, the name of the person and the company that the software is registered to. If you don't have that information, Rockwell Support can look it up. I
don't know of any freeware / shareware versions.
If you contact your local AB office or distributor they will be able to organize a one month activation for appraisal. No doubt after this you will purchase a copy to receive free technical assistance and subscription to the
Software Connection Magazine. Having the software in support also allows you to keep up to date with the lattest revisions available for down load off the web immediatley at launch date.

Juan De los Santos Naumov

Funny guy, we all want to have a shareware version of the RSLogix500. I'm sorry but you have to contact the nearest AB distributor in order to buy the package.

Good luck

Juan De los Santos