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McConnell, David P

Does anyone in the community have any observations regarding the new releases of RSLogix5 (ver 4.1) and RSNetworX for Controlnet ver 2.25?

We are in the process of making the decision to upgrade and would be interested in other users experiences and impressions, especially any
serious negative impacts.


David McConnell
Lead Controls Engineer
Rocketdyne Propulsion & Power
Stennis Space Center, MS

Anthony Kerstens

Only that if you plan to use even one SLC on your
network, you need the latest version of all the
software because the SLC scanner is very new.

It's so new, my local sales rep had to download a
patch because it wasn't available on disk.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Rajesh Singh

The New Release of RSLogix5 v 4.1 and RSNetworx 2.25 are good enhancements. The two upgrades are needed to make systems work more effectivly across Control Net and with RS-Logix 5000 on Control Logix.

The products are more stable and are more co-herent. Also, the compare feature is a nice upgrade (missing since 6200).

Rajesh Singh
Global Controls & Information Systems Engineer

Dave Ferguson

I use 4.10.01 and it is very good. There were some documentation bugs in 4.1 that we reported and were fixed. There are a number of enhancements that are great and a couple of gotcha's. One is that there now is the ability to
attach comments to rung or output and the default is output. All of the old software was attached to rung only and why they made the default opposite is beyond me but be carefull you could mess up comments with some to rung and some to output.

The advanced search is faster, there is a context guide like VB so that when you enter commands they show the rest for instance a CPT will show what needs to be entered. We have used it a few weeks now with noi complaints. Also if you use security server, you now have that tied in. Also I am running it on W2K pro with no issues.....

Hope this helps....

Dave Ferguson
Blandin Paper Company
UPM Kymmene
DAVCO Automation
A specific change in RSNetworx for ControlNet version 2.25 came up with two of my service engineers in the field over the past week.

If you use FLEX I/O on ControlNet, you'll see that there has been a relatively recent patch to the Series C 1794-ACN(R)15 adapters which brings them up to Revision E. This revision isn't in the 2.22 release of RSNetworx, so I had a few customers just download the EDS file for the 1794-ACN(R)15 Series C Rev E and install it... no go.

It turns out that with Series C Revision E, there is a change not only to the Adapter EDS file, but also to the EDS files of all the modules that can go with that adapter. It's a tiny detail (isn't that the definition of "bug"?), but it prevents the FLEX adapter configuration applet inside RSNetworx from reading the I/O information from the module EDS files that were included with RSNetworx for ControlNet 2.22.

The solution ? Uninstall 2.22, install 2.25. Zoom.
I'm interested in your experiance with setting up your slc scanner (1747-SCNR) with RSNetworkx Cnet, I am currently having trouble accessing the scanlist configuration tool for the Cnet scanner within RSNetworks.
I'm using RSNetworkx version Did you have problems with this version or 2.25, is the patch now availible on the web??

Any info very much appreciated

Rob Good

Anthony Kerstens

We are using version

My local reseller downloaded the patch,
so I'm not sure if it's publicly accessible,
but there's no harm in looking, is there?

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.