RSLogix 5000 Structured Text Evaluation version


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We are working with Flexlogix system. Now we are using RSlogix5000 ladder logic. we are planning to have the structured text for this flexlogix syatem. Before going to purchase we would like to work with evaluation version..Can anybody help me out in this regards...

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The demo CD for RSLogix5000 V12 (current version) is now available, for
free, from your Rockwell distributor or The Automation Bookstore

This CD contains a demo version of RSLogix5000 Configuration and
Programming Software for the Logix family of controllers . The demo allows
for offline operation only and supports ladder diagram (LD), sequential
function chart (SFC), structured text (ST) and function block diagram (FBD)
programming languages. The demo software will run for 90 days from the
installation date.

Look for publication number 9324-DM001A-EN-P.

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida