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Anthony Kerstens

I've just discovered, quite accidentally, that in RSLogix when you select a rung or individual logic object and hit control-c to copy, you can paste that selection as a bitmap into other windows programs. If you have screen
xrefs turned on, it includes that too. However, it seems to only work if a single rung, or single ladder object is selected.

I've been used to cutting and pasting text to/from RSLogix, but was surprised by this. Can anyone try this to see if it works in newer versions? Especially for multiple rungs or
multiple ladder objects?

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Hutchinson, Ben [LFS]

I can confirm that this still works in RSLogix 5 v. You are still limited to one rung at a time for bitmaps or metafile pictures.
Multiple rungs only produce mnemonics (straight text).

Ben Hutchinson
Johnson & Johnson

Michel A. Levesque, ing.

Hi List,

Anthony Kerstens mentionned the bitmap rung pasting from RSLogix 5 to any other Windows programs.

I have RSLogix I checked this out and you can paste bitmaps as well as enhanced metafiles of a single rung.

You can paste the unformated text of a rung and of multiple rungs into other Windows programs.

Going on step further, you can copy and paste rung(s) from RSLogix 5 or 500 or 5000 into any other RSLogix 5, 500 or 5000. Naturally you must verify the rung(s) for proper addressing afterwards. This makes migrating between SLC or PLC or ControlLogix a snap.

Michel A. Levesque eng., mcp
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Anthony Kerstens

Thanks to all who responded. I don't know where
I'll use bitmap pictures of logic, but maybe my documentation will benefit from it.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

I have the exact same version you do, so I can't help you with your exact question. However, you can copy the entire active window into the edit
buffer by pressing alt-shift-PrntScrn. Perhaps you already know this, but there may be others who can benefit from this. I've used this a lot for generating documentation. You can paste the buffer into paint, crop the area you need, and then save it as a JPEG or BMP.


Willy Smith
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