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Anthony Kerstens

Would anyone know if RSLogix has an option to not
split rungs between pages. I've looked at the options, but it's just not in plain view. Or maybe it is. :)

This is particularly annoying when it splits small rungs with only one branch.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.
RSLogix 500 has a check box for "Start split rungs on new page". This option is under the Report options -> Program Files tab -> Ladder View Options button -> Miscellaneous tab.

I would have to believe that RSLogix 5 has the same option.
I have not been able to find a setting to stop this either. You might set the rung display to wrap-around if you don't already have it this way. A trick I use is to scale the printout during print preview and then scroll thru the pages to get an idea if I have eliminated the chopping before printing.


Dobrowolski, Jacek

Hi Anthony

Well, what I did was moving text from Rung titles into Rung comment fields.

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Eric M. Klintworth

Oh, its there <sarcasm mode on> in plain view <sarcasm off>, just like a lot of other useful things in RSLogix.

In version RSLogix 500 version 4.0:
File/Report Options/Program Files tab/Ladder View Options button/Miscellaneous tab/Start Split Rungs On New Page check box

(You will want to check the box.)
If you are dealing with RSLogix5 the answer may be different.

Eric M. Klintworth, P.E.
Columbus, Ohio

Allen Nelson

You must have rev 4.x of RSLogix500. It's a "new" feature (despite being in A.I /Icom for years).

According to the RSI release notes for RSLogix5 rev 4 (now in beta, er, "Release Candidate"), there is a simular option.

Until Rev 4.0 is released, there are two workarounds:

1) SaveAs an .X5, export the database, and print using A.I / Icom (where you do have the option)

2) Add "manual page breaks" in the form of rung titles (as opposed to rung comments) which have only a space as the "title". Of course, you can't WYSIWSG the "page breaks", and if you make changes, the pages may break wrongs, but if you're looking for a pretty report, or just want that one monster rung to at least start at the top of the page, this'll do it.

Allen Nelson
Sr. Control Engineer

Anthony Kerstens

Rung wrap is turned on. Scaling helps, depending
on the which way you hold your tongue.

Jeeez, old DOS programmers from other PLC's avoid
this problem nicely. Why can't Rockwell do something so simple?

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Anthony Kerstens

I don't have that checkbox. We must be using different revisions of RSLogix 500. I have What's yours?

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.
RSLogix 4.0 has an option in the Miscellaneous tab, it's a checkbox for 'Start split rungs on new page'. Works great for me so far.

Anthony Kerstens

Thanks. My customer hasn't yet upgraded to 4 and I'm stuck as a result of the other RSLogix problem - no ability to share files with older versions. :)

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.