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Henriquez, Mildred

Hi, I need to know how could I write the valid expression syntax of a division operation using CPT (computing) instruction with RSlogix500. I need to introduce a formula, but every time i write "(N20:83 * 20) DIV 100" an error message is displayed: "Invalid expression! Two operands in sequence!". I've test with thousand possible syntax without success. Thanks, Mildred Henriquez Automation Dept. Zanchetta e C. s.r.l. e-mail: [email protected]

Jim W Robinson

Mildred: Looks like your having fun with rockwell.. Oh Joy... If I read what you have there correctly you have typed in DIV rather that using the symbol for DIV. You expression should look like this. "(N20:83 * 20)|100" Hope that helps... Jim W Robinson Project Engineer Saralee Meat Div. Hillshire Farms & Khans St. Joseph Foods

Hemmy, Troy S.

Here is 1001. The operand you need to use is "|". This is not a capital i. It is the character above the enter key and below the backspace key on most keyboards. So, your compute block should contain "(N20:83) * 20 | 100". The other operands that can be used in the CPT block can be seen in the RSLogix help files. Troy Hemmy Black & Veatch