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It's not cool to ask but I'll try.

I'm looking for a copy of the RSLOGIX (any version but latest is better) for my personal use. Can't afford the class and SW. Thanks for the help.
Check on a starter kit or a starter level software package. The cost is about half that of full blown rslogix. There is really very little held back in the starter software and besides, home use would not require some of the extra features. "What you get is what you pay for"

vivek samyal

well, i guess u require RSLogix5(for AB PLC's) OR RSLogix500(for AB SLC500's)
I can give u equivalent DOS based software FREE OF COST
just email me at [email protected]
I can give you APS software (equivalent of Rslogix500, for SLC's) & IPDS software(equivalent of RsLogix5, for PLC's)
These are DOS based software & works fine

vivek samyal
[email protected]