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I use RSlogix500 from Allen-Bradley, rel. I've made an application program starting from an existing one, now i want to compare the two applications. Is this possible ???
I can't find any command to do it
Tanks in advance

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Will be possible in release 4.0. So far use good old AI software to produce comparison report. Same applies to PLC5. Rockwell Software seems
like dropped out many features of older DOS programs and slowly (too slow on my opinion) introduce them into RSLogix.
The original DOS application, AI Logistics (an absolutely marvelous package) had a unique function whereby two PLC programmes could be compared and a 'Difference Report' generated (this was a useful report, unlike the same
function in 6200). Unfortunately, the function appears to have been a casualty of the translation from DOS to windows.
I agree with Mark! AI was a brilliant package. At our site we still use it in preference to RSLogix.
I also agree about the AI software, it is an excellently designed program. I wish that the Windows packages had similar productivity features. It is like comparing MS Word to the EMACS or VI editors. Word is easier to use,
but for serious coding, those old sophisticated editors cannot be beat.

Bill Sturm

Jack Gallagher

Has anyone forwarded this request to Rockwell?

I also enjoyed the AI package but I feel that the RSLogix is much easier to use. Just my opinion.

Bouchard, James [CPCCA]

It has been forwarded to them several times. They are working on it for inclusion in Control Guardian also

James Bouchard
You can save the export both the programs as libraries and use a shareware program called Winmerge to compare the two text files. It is pretty easy to see where the programs differ. Do a search on the internet and you should be able to find winmerge. Good luck.