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Is it possible to export an RSLogix 5000 project to an IEC ST file and then load it in Concept v2.5 (Modicon) or STEP7 (Siemens)?

Juan De los Santos

I heard from AB personnel (sales) that this is the only software with the capability to this. I never tryed.

Let us know please

Juan De los Santos

Jeremy Pollard

ST is a text based construct. It should be able to be imported to ANY ST supported platform if it is PLCopen certified, and conforms to the IEC

Ladder etc cannot be exported. PLCopen is working on a cross reusability level that might allow this to happen but it is not part of the standard.

The ability to transfer a project from one vendor to another has always been a pipe dream, but steps are being taken to achieve the best.

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Conor Larkin

I am not aware of any direct translation tool to accomplish this. Using the "Save As" feature you can save a project to L5K format and then extract the Structured Text code for reuse in some other programming development engine. The remainder of the text file will probably appear as unusable text. Once you have the L5K file, a person could write a small co-processor to strip off unused characters from the LD sections and port them to an ST file.