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Juan De los Santos Naumov

Dear List Members,

We're trying to commission a 1747-SCNR module (Control net scanner for the SLC 500 PLC)

we download the "eds" file from the AB web site and use it with the RSnetworx software in order to do the the module configuration. But when
we try to edit the scan list of the module the following message shows up. "scan list configuration tool error" or similar.
We use the same version to configure other nodes without problems. we try different operating systems, different machines nothing works.

The RSnetworx version we are using is the 2.22 and nobody from Rockwell give us a helpful answer.

Does anybody out there experiencing the same problem?

we welcome any suggestions!!!


Juan De los Santos

Salim Dahmoun

Hi juan,
Try to install the RSI Support Library - Service Pack 1 for RSNetWorx for DeviceNet.
You can find it at :

see the technote ID #R524