RSRules Machine Diagnostic Software


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I am currently searching for any one who has used this Rockwell software and could advise me of its
benifits and pitfalls.

darcy oldfield

I have a copy which I have been experimenting with. The program is very nice for time studies of machines. What I did find is that if you let it create the rules some of the rules it creates are not useful. Usually I make the rules that I am interested in like this output comes on then this sensor should be made. The developer and runtime package has a lot of options which I have not had time to explore yet like e-mailing timing errors, charting errors, and internet support. The program is very nice but not for a turnkey sollution because it takes quite a bit of programing to get what is usefull. Also rockwell has very little info on this program and they have not upgraded it in a while so maybe they are dropping this idea.