RSView 3.2 with Siemens S7


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David Ubert

I have been trying to find a solution to the communications issue between an RSView SE 3.2 HMI system and a Siemens PLC 7 H redundant processor for some time now. Currently, we are using a KEPWare OPC server to get data from the Siemens. This works fine, however, the KEPWare product does not handle redundancy, so we have derived tag files in the RSView application trying to figure out which PLC is master. I have tried Siemnes tech support, AB tech support, and KEPWare tech support. Nobody seems to have the ultimate solution.

I would like to get rid of the derived tags in the HMI since it is causing instabillity in the HMI. I was told Siemens has a product called RedConnect and it is OPC compliant. However, no one seems to have any experience using this combination of products, plus it is expensive.

Any help would be a miracle at this point.
Your best bet is to purchase Simatic Net with 2 CP1613 Industrial Ethernet cards. And Redconnect. I have done it and it works. Set up a S7 redundant connection in Netpro which will create an OPC topic for you to use. Expensive yes, but the correct solution.