RSView 32 Leap year Problems


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R A Peterson

I was copied an email we received today from Rockwell Software regarding a serious problem with RSView 32 data logging with respect to the impending leap year. A software patch is available from their website. Apparently this is quite a severe problem and requires immediate attention.

I urge all RSview 32 users to take note and to take appropriate action.

The attached is a partial text of the email we received:

For expediency, I am sending this email to you. Further information is posted at and on our support

! ! ! IMPORTANT ! ! !

It has just been discovered that RSView32 has a serious bug with Data Logging during the month of February in Leap Years. This can result in deletion of Activity, Alarm & Data log files!!!. There is a roblem in the file deletion algorithm during a leap year when certain options are used with the =E2=80= =9CDelete Oldest Files After Maximum Time=E2=80=9D option.

Please note that this is not a Y2K problem, but a leap year problem that has manifested itself in the first leap year since the introduction of RSView32.

Our support division is taking more formal action in notifying our user base, but I wanted to get the word out to as many as possible to increase the chances of preventing critical process data from being deleted.