RSView datalog transfer to ODBC SQL Server


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Dale Malony

Hello list,

I am in need of a method to periodically, automatically move a datalog (.dbf) file to SQL Server after allowing it to reside locally for a few weeks. It would be convenient to be able to view recent files with the RSView32 "Log Viewer" ActiveX control at the HMI rather than immediate ODBC logging to SQL Server.

I expect this would require VBA, but I wouldn't know where to start. Any tips?

Dale Malony
Honda Eq Staff

Sean J. Brown


My inclination would be to transfer it with Data Transformation Services (DTS) on the SQL Server, assuming the SQL Server could have access to the file.
DBF file imports are very well supported. Maybe a regularly scheduled client-side script could handle copying the file to a local or remote directory that
could be cleared by the DTS package upon a successful import.

Once the DTS package has been created, you can schedule it in SQL Server Agent at whatever interval suits your needs.

In fact, the whole process is wizard driven for the under-initiated... fire up SQL Server Enterprise Manager and take a look.

Sean Brown