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Brian Tober

Hi group, I have 11 Floating point registers that totalize steam flow, I want to capture the value at midnight in RSview, and then reset the registers, then keep the daily totals.

Then I need to report each daily total, and weekly total, and monthly total of each.

Then email the daily report, weekly report, and monthly reports.

I am new to RSview and do not want to do it all in the PLC.

Any suggestions of how to use derived tags to handle the daily snapshots, and then add those up to get weekly, and again to get monthly values for the report.

Thanks for any help.
You may want to try ODBC datalogging and using MSAccess to do your work, since this may be a more 'universally familiar' environment. Be sure to filter out beginning and ending data (B & E) and use snapshot data (S) for your calculations.

If you move the data from the 11 floating point registers at midnight into another 11 'holding' registers, you can take a snapshot of your previous 24hr data any time within the next 24 hours. I've found that setting an event in RSView to occur at a specific time is not always as reliable as you would wish. Use the PLC clock to trigger the datalog snapshot and then you won't have to worry about anyone playing with the PC clock, daylight savings, etc... Just be sure your PLC clock is correct after making a download.

If you use derived tags, be sure to also use the retentive tag feature since you would hate to lose 2.5 weeks of data in a particular month because the operator turned off the PC.