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Does anyone have experience retreiving integer values from RSLinx or RSView with excel (or configuring RsLinx or RSView to send to excel). I'm aware of the dde functionality of RSLinx, and the ODBC functionality of RSView, but i would appreciate advice on the best way to approach getting 4 integer values with a time stamp into excel and every 5 minutes move the prevous data down to the next row and fill the top row with the most recient data. Thanks

Jerry O'Sullivan

Too many ways to enumerate. A search of the Rockwell Software Knowledge Base at www. should turn up lots of stuff. Posting on the RSVIew forum (www.rsviewforum)will likely generate a number of responses from folks who have a lot more time than I do to answer these things. Good luck.
In my experience, anything new that we try has been done before, we just need to find where!

April last year I wrote an XL macro to do just this using RSLinx as a DDE server, and dynamically update the XL chart as well.

I don't think it would be practical to post the whole workbook here, (combined formulas and macros) but will happily send it via email on request. remind me it is called dde_charts.xls
that is so easy to send or receive datas either integer or floating from/to PLC through RSlinx/DDE server anyway in the help of RSlinx 2.0x there is a simple sample macro which with u can send datas to controllers, but u have to configure DDE topics for sure....i can send samples if u interested...
good luck
I am also interested inany files on this RSView/Linx & Excel. I am needing to time stamp a value every 30 min. and do a shift down on excel saving the file after each day.

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I was wondering if i could get a copy of this application. I have a project to link a excel spreadsheet to micrologix plc. thanks