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K. J. Lee

Dear sirs:

I adopt rsview to complete one project but the customer requests below items.
1: How is it to remember last graph page in RSView?
My meaning is if I jump to next page and press one " return button " in this page and return to last page immediately.

2: Is it possibile to modify system date in execel when print sheets?

I am very appreciated to get your help to solve those problems.

K.J Lee 1/13/2000

Denis Lefebvre

As far as I remember, there are previous and next pages (or windows) commands, but they do not work the way you would expect. I have not checked
the new features of RSView, but eight months ago, the most effective way to do it was to use a custom macro to display all pages. Everytime a new page is displayed, its name would be stored in a stack, from where it could be recalled by a page backward macro. If you use the multiuser RAD
environment, you will have to create and maintain one stack per user.

Denis Lefebvre

De Maeyer Ronny

Mr. Lee,

To your first question I have an answer.

You can easy implement previous screen functionality by use of the DEFINE Command.

With this command you need to define a symbol. A symbol is a abbreviation for a command or a macro. Once you created this symbol you can use it
anywhere you can enter a command.


Define PrevScreen Display1
* PrevScreen is a freely choosen symbol name.
* Display1 the screen that will act as "Previous screen".

Put this command in the shutdown macro of Display1.

On every screen where you want to implement a previous screen button you link the PrevScreen symbol to this buttons commandline and you define the symbol in the shutdownmacro. Examples can also be found under the RSView32 helpfile.

For your second question I need some more information before I can help you.

Best Regards,
Vandenberghe Koen
CONTEC Instrumentation Projects (BELGIUM)
RS system integrator.

Gene Giltner

We've done several RSView projects and there is a previous and next function key. They function opposite as one would expect. We have made this work in the RAD enviroment. Call for details.

Gene Giltner

Daniel Tsuruda

> 2: Is it possibile to modify system date in excel when print sheets?

Responding to number 2 printing with the current date.

I don't know of any way to do this using the print command, however this can be done using the built in VBA in RSView32. Go to the Rockwell Software web site at
and search the library for documents A820 and A454. Do this separately. Get the attachements.

A820 will give you an example of how to put data from logged data to an Excel spreadsheet.
A454 gets tag data and populates an Excel spreadsheet and prints it.
With these two documents you should be able to do quite a lot in addition to having the current date ability.

Note: I typically use an Excel template rather then allowing Excel to open a new workbook. In the VBA editor you will need to set the references for DAO 3.5 and Microsoft Excel 8.0
If you want to take this avenue and still have questions you can contact me at:

[email protected]
Note: I don't check my mail every day.

Daniel Tsuruda
Project Engineer