RSView Studio w/ RSLogix5 PLC-5/40E & PLC-5 Emulator.


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I'm emulating my RSLogix 5 PLC-5/40E program using my PLC-5 DH+ emulator without any problem but I cannot test it with my RSView Studio even after configuring the communication between them. I'm lost please help.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Don

Bob Peterson

You have to setup an OPC link.

I think it is right click on the project name, and than add OPC link. Or something like that.
Hi don,

If you want to connect RSView Studio for ME to RS EMulate 5:

1. Prepare RSlinx Classic with PLC-5 Emulator Driver configured succesfully

2. Create new Topic which is connected to above PLC-5 Emulator driver, give topic name and use it at RSView Studio

3. In RSview Studio, create new Data server withs RSLinx OPC server selected

4. Make sure there are no other data server other than RSLinx data server

5. If RSView Studio still can't communicate with the Emulator, shutdown the RSView and restart again, sometimes this will solve the problem

Hope this help and please Let us know the result


Trevor Ousey

Further to what aan mentioned, be sure to have an activation for RSLinx
Classic as lite is not enough. I prefer Pro.

Regards, Trevor.
Hi Aan,

Thank you very much, i just follow the last step of your advise and it works fine, just shutdown and restart the RSView and it works fine. Sometimes things make us crazy for nothing, just like going back to the basic rule of life.. Thank you all guys..