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M. Vega

I've heard that Rockwell will soon be delivering a new RSView product - RSView Supervisor Edition. Does anybody know anything about it? Is
it just the next version of RSView32 with a different name? What's new in it?

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M. Vega

Walter Bennett

No it's a new animal I've seen the pre release and were a beta site for SE, currently it's being positioned to compete with DCS style systems, It will the look and feel is the same as Rsview32 and the screens can be imported from rsview32, you will however have to upgrade to using a sever
OS, the work station OS will not function here. Currently I'm recommending SE to my lager clients with Rsview32 or Wonderware.

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This is all correct.. however it doesn't focus at all on the new features that RSView32 did not previously have, and also many added productivity tools.

One of the biggest advancements from RSView32 is the redundancy. The RSView SE architecture is based on something called the FactoryTalk standard. FactoryTalk takes advantage of many of the features of Windows 2000 Active Directory
(for this reason it needs Windows 200 and Active Directory). FactoryTalk Directory is where everything gets mapped. This includes your data and HMI servers. All of this is transparent to RSView SE.. so if one of your data servers (or HMI servers) goes down, FactoryTalk will automatically flip the request to your backup systems.

You also have the ability to remotley, and simultaniously edit your projects. You can have multiple developers working on the project, and the changes will take place immediately.. for all clients/servers. There is also however functionality to work "offline" in the case of an integrator working on a project off-site, and then simply plugging in and syncronizing when he returns with the completed changes.

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