RSView TAG w/ VB

Isn't VB DDE compliant? if so, just do your external read/writes using DDE protocol. Check the web or rockwell, maybe even wonderware as they developed the netDDE protocol.
You will need some guys experienced in VB, this is how you would do it...

RSView32 opens it object model to external applications supporting COM. All you need to do is "REFERENCE" the active project and its tag database from the external VB application.

You can go through the RSView help files for Object model definitions and a person aware of working in VB will be able to decipher it all. But be aware!!! Do this programming with lot of care since you are working directly on the tag database which is connected to the plant operation and a goofup here can affect the plant. I have actually faced this and hence I insist that the VB programmer should be a good one!!!

CAUTION: Do not attempt to change the min and max limits of Tag Database through VB at runtime. I have seen this affecting the tag database seriously.

Dear Brian

In order to read and write RSview tags through VB you need to include RSView´s Object Model in your VB Project references. if you have installed VB on the machine which has the RSView, you can click on the references and search for the Object
Model. Once enbaled you have access to the complete Tags and you can do more than just read and write. But this works well only with standalone version and does not work on the client server setup.

Hope this helps you to access the Tags. In case you need more details, mail at
"[email protected]", mailto:[email protected]