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I am able to communicate with the scanner using RSLinx through the Serial Port (Com3), but am having trouble setting up the RSView program to send barcode data (String) to the scanner to allow the scanner to compare what it reads with what RSView sends it to verify against. The error I get is wrong type with DF1 RS232 protocol. That's because the only types available are AB processors. How do I get a different type ? Thanks.

Mike Wehrenberg

I believe there is an answer to your situation. Instead of trying to move the data through an RSVIEW32 serial communications channel by "writing" a string tag to a comm channel, put the data into an RSView32 string tag, set up an alarm event in the RSView32 alarming software that would trigger the sending of the string out COM3. When the alarm occurs, the alarm string data is
sent out the serial port via the RSView32 alarm printing capability.

You could also use VBA code to move data out a serial port (again, this is a serial port that is not configured as an RSView32 comm channel). You can put the string data into a string tag. Then set up an event which would indicate when to send the string to the barcode reader. The RSView32 event detector would see this event, fire off the VBA code which would take the string tag and send it out COM3.

The VBA method allows more flexibility in controlling the movement of the string out COM3. The alarm messaging method of sending string data out COM3 means you don't have to write VBA code but does mean you have to conform to the RSView32 alarm message format. The alarm message mode also means that you are "creating" and using alarms in a way that really isn't an "alarm" condition.

You may find other ideas and sample VBA code at

Mike Wehrenberg
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