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Afternoon all, I was wondering if anyone out there has a program for converting an RSView tag database dump file into an Intouch download file for a tag database (*.csv). Any help would be most


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Anthony Kerstens

I don't know about programs specific to this task,
but I would do it using a spreadsheet.

Since you already have the CSV dump file from RSView, you need a template to import into InTouch. Just create a "dummy" tag of each type you need in InTouch, and dbdump that to a separate CSV file. This is your template. Don't forget about alarm groups, as the dbload will fail if you try to import a tag belonging to an alarm group that doesn't exist.

Then all you have to do is cut and paste the tags. If you have a large volume of tags, then I suggest looking at the VLookup function in Excel, and some of the other text manipulation functions. Note, VLookup requires your key to be in the first column, and it works best if the key is already sorted. (Hey what do you want, it's a
spreadsheet, not a database :).

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Mike Wehrenberg

Wish the question was the other way around ... utilities do exist to convert InTouch database tags to RSView32 tags. But, as you mentioned, I do not know of any utilities to convert the CSV export file from RSView32 to InTouch. Is there a web-based forum or users group for InTouch that you can become or already are a member of?

Mike Wehrenberg
Kendall Electric