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Arnold Dillon

I have a customer with RSView 32 version 6.10.16 running as the HMI in a
SCADA computer application. Fluid Solutions, Inc. SCADAlarm package is
used for remote messaging of alarms. Descartes System Sciences, Inc.
OMNISERVER is also running. After a modem failure caused by lightning,
it was discovered that the computer system would only work with a
particular Hayes modem. There appears to be either some setup strings
or some other encryption to the modem that is only recognized by the
Hayes hardware.

Question: Is this an RSView problem, a SCADAlarm software problem, or
is there just something that I have yet to figure out about configuring
a different model modem? Can anyone shed any light on the situation?

-Arnold Dillon
I.C. Thomasson Associates

Todd Erickson

It's probably a ScadAlarm issue. I've ran into this already with a customer in FL. Contact your local Wonderware Distributor for directions on upgrading or replacing your modem. ScadAlarm is now a Wonderware Product.
This is/was a SCADAlarm problem. The older SCADAlarm packages that came with a modem had a hardware key embedded in the modem. You'll need to either contact Fluid Solutions for a replacement modem or get the upgraded software that doesn't use the hardware key.

Andy Ward
[email protected]

Greg Critton

You might take a look at the Resource Disk that ships with RSView 32. On there is the add on package called Messenger. This may do everything you were doing with your older software and wouldn't be hardware dependent.