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I have recently been using RsView, and had to make some activeX controls, I must say it has been one of the worst experiences, the VBA enviroment in rsview is horrible,(dam double terminate events and such). I cannot believe that that rockwell would let an application go with the activeX events being bugged. sorry that is my
rant of the day
Yeah those guys should be beaten for trying to protect us from ourselves. They just wont let us make VBA do what we want it to do, like they were afraid we would sue them for our mistakes or something.

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What was the VBA doing??? running half your Project?? RS-View TEARS thru the system resourses like a BAD Nightmare and with alot of active-X Makes It Even More soo///
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Few months ago I have done a recipe improvement in RSView32 v6.3 using VBA and ActiveX controls. I agree, it was somewhat difficult comparing with VBA in Genesis32 SCADA package but was still doable.

Cristian Gliga – Systems Integrator

Michel A. Levesque, eng.

Too bad you don't know how to USE the software instead of trying to redo functionality. I've used RSView since it's inception. VBA was originally added as a SCRIPTING language in RSView. Active-X components just happened to come along for the ride.

Some of our new VB aware employees often try to do everything in VBA instead of using the internal functionalities as they were meant.

I have found RSView to kick serious butt to many other packages...without having to use Active-Xs.
I do realize the potential of the rsview enviroment and it's internals, but for reusable controls across multiple HMI's ActiveX rules