RSView vs iFix

Better is in the eye of the beholder. From where I stand, both iFIX and RSView have their advantages and disadvantages. Both packages are up to Microsoft’s latest technologies. iFIX implements VBA better then RSView, but forces you to use VBA for virtually everything you do within a project. RSView doesn’t force the user to use VBA and still offers events, macros, and expressions as a way of doing things. Both packages are ActiveX containers, but iFIX implements a secure ActiveX containment so ‘bad’ controls don’t bring down your project, a plus for iFIX. Both packages offer equivalent client/server and redundancy solutions. Both have chargeable redundancy add-ons to make their solutions better. RSView has something called Extensions they give away for free that include SPC, Recipe management, TrendX, Messenger and RSLadder. Messenger and RSLadder provide things iFIX can’t, a plus for RSView. Support for iFIX is only 90 days, while you get 1 year with RSView. My experience is that Rockwell provides much better support then Intellution. Pricing for both is equivalent. Overall, if you’re certified in VB, write and implement your own ActiveX controls and are not using Allen-Bradley PLCs, iFIX is the best choice. Otherwise RSView is probably the better choice.

Opinions are purely my own.

iFix has better networking capability. You can get a service agreement from Intellution for 1 year of service (iGlobal Care)