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I'm using RSView32 and AB SLC5/05 on a data acquisition project. Some regular process analysis reports (e.g. shiftly reports, daily
reports, weekly reports on) have to be produced automatically. The report shall perform some kind of statistical calculation and
analysis based on the data log file generated by RSView32. Unfortunately, RSView32 does not include any report generation function, so I
decided to use Seagate Crystal Report. Assume that I have already designed some report format files (*.rpt) on Crystal Report, however I don't know how to make Crystal Report to work with RSView32 and produce the reports automatically (when time comes: e.g. end of a shift, end of the day etc.) by getting the data from the data log files.

Please give me an idea or detail information on how to implement it or what tools I need to have to do the job. Thank you.

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Just use the connect to the database and group by date then group by time, you should use a parameter in order to select the date and time,
with crystal enterprise you could publish your reports in the intranet,

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Pl.let me know the log file format generated by RSView32. and the extension of the file. which will help me to give you the correct solution.


You can call VB subroutine through eventon & create an access database file(.mdb). Then you can just select the fields of mdb file & paste them in Crystal report. The report will be generated after the event is called. You can
view this report or print this as per your requirement.

We have found what I feel to be an easier to implement solution, using MS Excel and a product called XLReporter from Sytech. Easy to use and includes a variety of tools for automatically generating reports. The only draw back currently is that historical reporting is not supported in the product using RSView32 or any other OPC server.I was told within 4 weeks or so, a new version that supports historical reporting from ODBC compliant databases will be avalable. You would configure RSView to log data to an Access database and that would solve the historical problem,the scheduling tools available are excellent,and you can also set tags within RSView to reset totalizers and counters and so on. It
includes a tag browser,making data connections a snap.

Not meaning to plug them this much, but an easy solution for people who would rather make reports,than struggle with VBA. We kicked around a couple of different options (including a VBA/Crystal reports option)and this was by far
the most cost effective,easy to use, results oriented solution.

See them at "": or "":

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The daily data log file (.dbf) may look similar to this:


The sampling frequency is 1 second, say.

The generated daily report should show the above data and at the bottom row, the max., min., average, standard deviation etc.

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