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I have a small project that sees me reading a SQL Database Table into RSView32. Since the Rockwell Software does not have this capability built in, I will need to write some VBA code to do this.

I am not a VBA code writer so I am struggling with this.

Can anyone provide me with some sample code or point me at a link that has some examples of how this can be done. I don't know the proper syntax but...

I thought it would be as simple as something like Tag 1 = Table Name, Column, Row

Hello Quantum866,

Please provide your e-mail address, I will send you a VBA sample related to SQL database.

Best regards

Thanks for offering to send me something on my reading of SQL into RSview32 tags

I have been able to find some code that would write to SQL but nothing that would read the individual SQL fields into RSView32 tags.
I would greatly appreciate any sample code that you can provide to assist me with this.

My email address is gdoel [@]

There may indeed be samples of this code but I could not see any so perhaps they are not on the public forums. Since I no longer have a TechConnect contract, I do not have access to the forums. Rockwell has made it so you need a contract for virtually everything now.

I was able to find samples elsewhere but none of them were for reading the SQL fields into individual tags.