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I'm not to good with RSView yet and am learning. I've been toying with the animation etc. Say I want to have a graphic of a fan rotate when the fan turns on, how would I accomplish that?

From what I can see the only alternative is to create a gif that is animated then activate the animation when the fan is on. Also if I want to view the contents of a timer accumulator it doesn't seem to do it. I've gotten a smaller timer to work with a preset of 400 but if I try something larger like 32766 it won't show. The tag is analog with T20:1.ACC or .2 and neither seem to work.

Would it be best to copy the contents to an n file then poll that? I don't need it, was just toying with it and figuring out how to set the tags and the best way to get the values to the tags. Is it better to create an HMI file in the RS program and have the outputs and inputs as N:x or is this just wasting bits? I've seen it done this way so was questioning as to how standard a practice that is also.
First sorry for ma english because normally i speak french.

First how to rotate a fan.
first you have to create a tag in your program for your fan when it on or off.

put the gif off the fan on your screen.
click with the right button on your gif and chose animation.
in animation screen chose rotation.
you have to write the rotation angle of your fan, just take 5 of 6 degree. after select the tag of your fan.

you have after to add another system tag with (AND) to simulate the rotation.
you have to chose blinkfast ou blinkslow.

try this and if you want i can send you a small example on Monday.
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David Ferguson

There are lots of ways to do this, one is to have a counter say to 4, draw 4 sets of fan blades, use the visibility animation and set the 4 sets of blades up centered and slightly rotated. Either look at the counter acc or move it into a integer file and when a 1 show one set of blades a 2 the next and so on so it appears to be rotating. I do a similar thing with agitator blades with one side grey and the other darker grey and another set the opposite and I just switch between them so it looks to be spinning.

Dave Ferguson
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This is what I tried after I posted. I created the 3 jpg's in photoshop then imported them. wish it I could do them as a gif as the transition would be smoother. I used a master counter preset 32766 and used a bit from that to increment the counter. It isn't very smooth though. Can't have everything I guess.

Mokam2: I'll have to investigate your method. I did try playing with the rotate and it seems that rotate changes the plane and doesn't actually do a cw or ccw rotation. Of course I also went way more than 5 or 6 degrees. More of a 3d type thing from what I see unless I'm doing it wrong. I didn't see the flash thingy so will look closer.
I see that. Even if I convert to native. I finally figured out the join/unjoin for the individual pieces. Now I have to figure out why it crashes. Only thing I can see is it doesn't like the remote logon as the computer it's on is headless. As soon as I minimize the window for the RDP I can see it crashing as the window starts to minimize. I have RSlogix500 on the same PC so can't see that being the problem but....