RSView32 to TSX7 with MapWay Card Connection


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Amora Fibrianto

Dear All,

Current situation
1. The MMI-PC is equipped with MAP-WAY card which run Monitor-77/2 under OS/2 environment
2. There are 6 TSX-7 PLC that want to monitor.
3. A MAP-WAY Module on PLC slot, connected to MAP-WAY bus.

I want to rebuild the MMI under WINDOWS environment, with RSView32 as an Operator Interface.

Need help on any information, hints and tricks.
What should I purchase ?

Amora F

Patrik Gillsvik

I had the same problem a couple of years ago and we found then that the MAPWAY protocol is dead. No development seems to have been done the last few years.

So instead we bought a system from Brodersen Controls called System2000. We connected each Brodersen module to the TSX7 using the Uni-Telway protocol. The Brodersen system was then connected to our HMI(FIX32) through a standard driver. This driver is available for OPC, so it should be easy to use with the RSView also.

We have been very pleased with this solution. It is very fast (actually faster than the old MAPWAY), very reliable and most important it is completely open. When we add new PLC:s of other brands than Telemecanique we simply buy a Brodersen module with the appropriate protocol and connect it to the same net.

Check www.brodersencontrols to find a distributor near you.

Good luck