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Brian E Boothe

Our Company is Considering Using RSViewSE as a SCADA Package. We're Currently using Standard RSView32 and have for 5 years now. Has anyone used RSViewSE on any projects? I'd like to hear stories and etc. from Individuals. thanks.
The benefits of RsViewSe are for large instalations. If you are just using a few instances of RSview 32 and a small network, then consider very carefully what you want to do.

Your Rockwell channel should be able to do a full ananlysis of what the benefits are for your specific plant. If then have not done this then ask then for it.

Jose Gutierrez

Nope... If you really want to change Rsview32 choose another one. We put on line RSview SE with Control Logix PLC in a Cement Plant, results: inestability, inconsistency, slow navigation between client and server. It doesn't support redundancy really, you cannot make a mirror between server, we had problems like a inconsistency between HMI (clients), faceplates are too slowly to show information and target of setpoint, and support of Rockwell... really the operators and engineer lose trust on new system and we want to migrate to another system.

if you want more detail, don't hesitate in contact me...
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RSView SE can shine, as long as you know the workarounds. We have applications (both small and large) that beat iFix and FLINK for speed, update time, and low CPU utilization.

This was achieved by hiring the few Rockwell guru's we found. While they were bruised and limping, they did provide all the insight we needed to make this package work very well.

If you are relying on Rockwell tech support or the Customer Success Team, go with iFix!