RTD pt100 suffix letters


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A trivial quesiton perhaps but I can't find out what the "W" means when you see pt100W listed alongside or in place of pt100. Does it indicate a weatherproof housing or what?

Are there oter suffices to bear in mind?
I suspect that the Greek character for ohm is being 'translated' in another character table and turns out to be W.

Manufacturers are free to assign whatever they want in part number identifiers, where W could be 'washer' style.

But I suspect that W for ohm is likely an artifact of digital communication where the writer's final document is subject to character interpretation in a medium other than what the document was produced in. The document that is correct in its original word processor format might go through several format changes by the time it's public, and in that process, the ohm symbol gets converted a W.

The situation I'm describing is analogous to all the crazy characters one encounters for the curly Q quotation marks, which are apparently not in other character sets.

Thanks for that Dan, I believe you are quite correct, the "W" seems to have crept in to all manner of sales literature and techincal documentation and appears to be unnecessary!
John C.