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Boudreault, Daniel R.

Hello List,

I recently ran into a PLC made by RTP corp.
I would like to ask everyone about their opinions
of this plc, if you have used it before ofcourse...

We have some problems with their serial cards, and when we send it back to RTP, they say that nothing is wrong with them.

We are using the RTP2000 processors.


Daniel Boudreault
Hello Daniel,

We have integrated systems with the RTP2000 and found them to meet the high standard usually found with the RTP Corporation equipment. There
are also Nuclear qualified versions of the RTP2000 series.

The Net Arrays software used to program these is a great improvement on the Gello programmer formerly used, and provides a lot more features.

Do your serial cards have the SST UCS Modules plugged in to give Modbus protocol. What is the nature of the problem you suspect with the serial
cards? How is the data transfer programmed?

Ken Kirkby
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