RTUs with GSM communication


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Aditya Vermani

i require RTUs which shall communicate with the Master station on GSM over Modbus protocol. There shall be 8 digital o/ps 8 i/ps 4 analog i/ps.

Can any body suggest some solution?



Hakan Ozevin

You can use Siemens PLC S7-200 with EM241 module. This module supports Modbus, paging and GSM SMS.
You can use Allen Bradley Micrologix 1200, it´s cheaper than S7-200 and It has Modbus protocol.

Modicon Momentum may fit your bill. It's capable of both discrete and analog I/O, and of course it talks Modbus.

Ahmed AbdelAAL

I suggest M20 gsm terminal with versaMax PLC which you can use as PLC and RTU at the same time , it has two ports one will be connected to the Master RTU and configured as an RTU port and the other will be with M20 terminal for GSM communication / or mobile gsm alarming .
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