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I need a panel builder/soft start manufacturer who can provide a complete soft-start panel (440VAC, 60Hz, 160kW) to UK defstan with respect to shock/vibration. Somewhere around 30g shock will do! ;-> For naval applications.

I know panel builders but sourcing the soft-start is a problem.

Any ideas?
Try the Cutler-Hammer "IT" series. They have told me they planned to test it to US Naval requirements. That was early in 2001, maybe they have some data now.

I have used it in high shock/vibration area, with panel mounted on isolators. So far so good, over 1 year running, outdoors on mobile mining equipment. 500HP/480V/60Hz Approx 600 Amps.

Al Boake P.E.
[email protected]
Mark, I am the Product Line Manager for Cutler-Hammer IT Power Control Products. We have a soft starter that will meet your 30G shock requirement when used with a Vibration plate that we designed. The soft starter presently meets all of the UL, CSA and IEC standards for the units and we are also in the process of getting the Lloyds registry (for marine applications) ratings on the product. If you would like to discuss this more, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I will be happy to discuss the units with you.


Matt Polk