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C.G. Unnikrishnan

Hello list,

Wonder if anybody can help me with a peculiar problem we are facing with S/3 SCADA running on VAX 3400 system. Till a few months back the system
performance was OK. Lately , however , when trying to access the scada options like network monitoring , on line database etc . the system
responce is extremely slow. It takes more than a minute for the system to respond to the prompts / selections from keyboard. When S/3 is not running , the performance is satisfactory. The moment s/3 is loaded and running , the problem starts. It has also been noticed that it is taking much longer to load S/3 (hot start) using command 's3hstrtup' and the message ' delaying for comreg creation' appears more number of times than usual. The memory available in disks is sufficient. Surprisingly , the updates from the RTU's is occuring and display is getting updated at normal responce times.If anybody can suggest
anything to sort out the matter , it will be of great help. You can contact me directly at [email protected].



Brian Lee Mast


I've had more fun troubleshooting S/3 VMS systems than should be allowed. It sounds like you have a system process that is out of control and taking up most of the CPU utilization time. Try the VMS command "MONITOR PROCESS/TOPCPU" see if some
process is running at 99%. Then go to the error log for that process to look for clues. I have also seen the 's3hstop' command forget to stop everything which complicates restart of the system. 'killer' usually fixes that. Network problems can also cause symptoms like this which might show up in the s3etherdriver log files. A bad network card or bad wiring would be worth checking.

Good luck,

Moises Valente Sanchez Rivera

Dear sir:

Our company worked with S/3 SCADA runing VMS 6.1 last time. Now we are working with S/3 under Windows NT 4.0.

About your questions:

How many free blocks you have in the memory disk?

What versions (VMS and S/3) you have?

You need to monitor the system with next instruction: >mon sys, please send me the results.

You need to check what process use for more time the CPU

sorry for my english

good luck

Moises Sanchez

PD our expert in S/3 SCADA has this Email: [email protected]

Jamal AlAnsari

What is the software version of your VMS and S/3?

Please type the following DCM at the S/3 prompt:

If you can email me the JAA.TXT file, do so in order for me to analysis for the file/processor or you can print the JAA.TXT
file and they you can retype the continent of it to me via the email.

I think I can solve your problem if I get the information I requested above.

Jamal AlAnsari, Email: [email protected]