S.O.S.-- Anyone familiar with Festo's PLC system?

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Currently, I've been worked to joining 3 MPS (modular production system) from FESTO, which are : Distribution station with 1 PLC (101B), Testing station with 1 PLC (101AF), and Assembly station with 2 PLC (103B & 101AE), all PLCs are made by FESTO, they are FPC 100 series.

I'll use 1 PC to be connected to the distribution station by RS232, then this station is connected to the testing station by RS232, and then, this testing station is connected to the assembly station by again using RS232. So, only the distribution station that has direct connection to the PC. 1. Do you think this scheme will work? 2. How can I set up a comunication between this three MPS? 3. Have you ever worked under a similar situation to me (with any kind of PLC)? Do you have the program example in ladder diagram? May I see it? It must help me a great deal in order to understand this matter further more.

Thank you very much in advance for your answers.

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Iman M.G.
I have spent a fair amount of time working on the MPS stations and have various different plc programs for the rigs, please mail me and i will let you have a copy of what i have. I have networked these with a few different protocols, and have the code for the festo plc's. [email protected]