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Does anyone know about a Siemens S5 software running as Windows application? (not DOS application running on a windows)

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Casper Bentvelzen

You can use Step 5 v7.17 for use under Windows 2000. It acts the same as the older DOS versions (same keys etc.) but its fully integrated in
Windows. Older Windows versions (95/98/NT) even work with version Step 5 v6.6 and higher.
An Authorisation is needed for working with Step 5 (Just like Step 7 and WINCC etc.)
Are you looking for windows-based software for programming Siemens S5 processors. If so, there are several third party products for programming in STEP5 in the windows environment. For example, go to the following link:
"http://www.softwaretoolbox.com/store/item_pages/itempage_510.asp":http://www.softwaretoolbox.com/store/item_pages/itempage_510.asp . They even have a demo version you can download. Another potential source is
"http://www.locamation.nl/locam99/S_Software/S5_for_windows.htm":http://www.locamation.nl/locam99/S_Software/S5_for_windows.htm .

As the previous reply indicated, you can use version 7 of STEP5 from Siemens within Windows.

Hope this helps.